Typically, our clients are individuals or small-to-medium-sized businesses with varying degrees of legal experience or sophistication. For that reason, we have dedicated ourselves to providing legal representation in a cost-effective manner. Usually, we bill for our professional services by the hour against a retainer held in trust. When appropriate, however, we sometimes make alternative billing arrangements, such as flat fees or contingent fees. Our pro bono litigation is almost always by court appointment, either through the Eleventh Circuit’s Addendum Five program or the State of Florida’s pro bono program.

As of January 1, 2021, our standard billable rates are as follows:                                                            Thomas A. Burns ($450/hour); Shannon C. Reese ($300/hour) , and Alexi Allen ($90/hour). Given our respective credentials and levels of experience, these standard rates are well below the market rates in Tampa, Florida. 

Our standard retention policies, which we update from time to time, can be found here.